I teach at every level of the curriculum at UNSW Sydney, with a focus on World History, South Asian History, Imperial History, Asian Studies, and Historiography. I have sought to inject a transformative paradigm into the classroom which extends on concerns globally about the predominance of Eurocentric frameworks in teaching and learning. I have contributed to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and have just redesigned UNSW’s History Gateway Course, A History of the Present, to be taught from 2019.

As an Australian researcher whose primary research space is India, I have taken part in several Track 2 diplomacy initiatives, and written about the Australia-India relationship in the press and in academic books. I spoke about the history of bilateral relations, through the lens of RG Casey’s work during the Bengal famine, at a public lecture at the National Library of Australia

I am a Fellow of the Australia India Institute, and attended and wrote about its launch in Delhi in 2009, by then Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. I have given policy advice and have been contracted to make presentations on India to a range of government departments, including DFAT and Departments of Education, at federal and state levels, on how to position India in the new national HSC History curriculum. I have advocated for an enhanced place for South Asia within Asian Studies, and for Asian Studies in Australia, through my contribution to the writing of the Asian Studies Association of Australia’s 2002 report, Maximising Australia’s Asia Knowledge, which was tabled in the Australian Parliament and became the touchstone for lobbying for Asian Studies in Australia for the past decade.